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headstone, tombstone, death, memorialthatcrazycajun wrote
on November 22nd, 2011 at 07:32 pm

In Memoriam: Anne Inez McCaffrey, 1926-2011

My heart is sick and sad. Tor Books reports on its website that Anne McCaffrey, author and winner of multiple awards including the Hugo and Nebula, has passed away of a stroke in her home in Ireland at 85. The full obituary is here.

Nobody reading this will likely need a catalog of her literary achievements, so I'll leave that to Wikipedia and others. But I was among those blessed to have met her in person as well as enjoyed her work, thanks to two dear friends, Harry and Marilyn Alm of my former home city of New Orleans, LA. She was a great and gentle lady, full of good humor and stout spirit, not to mention an imagination beggaring belief.

Her Dragonriders of Pern series, far and away her main literary calling card, still hold pride of place in my library despite many moves and resulting purges of excess bookage. I can still remember first encountering it via the third volume of the Harper Hall trilogy, Dragondrums, in a supermarket checkout carousel in Lafayette, LA where I was born and (mostly) raised...and then seeking out the other two, then the first three and more.

At least that work will continue, now firmly in the able hands of her son Todd, who has several Dragonrider books under his belt now both with and without his mother. Heartfelt sympathies to him and Anne's other family members, friends and fans the world over. And I am almost glad she doesn't actually have a dragon or fire lizards of her own to mourn her, else they would go between forever with her from the pain of loss. Thank you, dear lady, from the bottom of a bookish, skinny young geek-boy's heart, for many years of wonder and joy.

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