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NEW FILK: For those of you not on Facebook...

Credit sffilk with the inspiration for this: he asked on Facebook whether there was filk at MidSouthCon, and I replied instinctively to the effect that if there wasn't already, there would be if at least two filkers showed up. Then I wondered publicly whether this obvious logical follow-up had been committed by anyone else yet, and he was foolish enough to say "No." Soooo...

Music: “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” by Noel Paul Stookey
©1971 Public Domain Foundation
Parody Lyrics: Matt G. Leger

You will find us there among you at conventions large and small;
Rest assured you’ll hear us even far outside the hall.
The union of our voices will cause some to complain,
For wherever two or more of us are gathered to refrain
There is filk... [2x]

Now, a man shall leave his classroom and a woman leave her work,
And they shall travel on to where they can indulge their quirk.
As it was in the beginning, your song won’t be at the end,
For once we get ahold of it and twist the words, my friend,
There is filk... [2x]

Well, then, what’s to be the reason that we stay up until dawn?
Is it ose or slash or meta that we warble through a yawn?
For there’s some whose talent makes us wonder what we bother for,
And some who bring our ears a pain they've never known before
With their filk... [2x]

Look for us to be among you, in your homes and in hotels;
Rest assured these troubadours will even use stairwells.
Even with no slots in program and no space reserved at all,
Wherever two or more of us can sit and caterwaul
There is filk... [2x]

Parody lyrics ©2015 by Matt G. Leger. Publication, performance or distribution for profit requires express prior written consent from all copyright holders; all other uses of lyrics freely permitted so long as this notice is retained unaltered. No infringement on existing copyrights is intended or should be inferred.


Thank you, Matt! Another one of your priceless songs!
Thanks for the kind words, but priceless? Absolutely not; I can quote you a fairly decent price. :-)
Oh, YES!!
Very nice!
I just finished reading "Tomorrow's Songs Today." What a follower!! :D

Thanks for remembering the LJ crew.
Bravo, sir!

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