November 26th, 2013

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Back from least, for Thanksgiving week

For anyone who doesn't follow my Facebook feed and hasn't heard, after a very last-minute decision, the commitment of rather more moolah than we can really afford, and some rather slipshod planning (mainly on my part, hence a lot of that excess $$$ and even more time in transit than usual*), the Songbird and I are back in the States for a few days.

This trip is partly to give at least one of us the chance to spend at least one of the year-ending holidays with family; partly intended as mental-health therapy for Your Humble, who is not adjusting to the new life abroad nearly as well as he'd hoped; and partly as a chance to restock some retail items that are pure unobtainium where we live now (or else ridonkulously spendy to get).

Anyone wishing to speak with and/or see us while we are here should let us know pronto, as we are due on a plane back Sunday night, Dec. 1st. My US cell phone is getting its first use as anything other than a PDA in months, and the number is available by private message for them as wants it.

*Like this: Driving from Mbabane to Johannesburg for four hours, then flying several hours to Amsterdam on KLM; then flying several more hours to JFK after a brief excursion into downtown Amsterdam, where we got to visit the Sex Museum - yes, that's a real thing - and shop at an actual European Christmas market); then flying several more hours to JFK, where we had failed to arrange a rental car or hotel room in advance and thus had to quickly book a room at an airport hotel (far too much $$$ for far too little space - pretty much a broom closet with a bed and a toilet); then online-booking both and a taxi this morning to the rental agency and a rainy drive down through NYC and the Turnpike that also took far too long (would you believe a full half-hour between exits 9 and 8A at 5 miles per? If you live in the area, of course you would); and finally settling into our intended hotel room, about a half-hour or so from beautiful downtown Freehold. The one good bit: a chance to stop at the original Nathan's Famous hot dog stand in Coney Island, which I somehow missed visiting in seven years as a NYC resident, for lunch.
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