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In Memoriam: Lois H. Mangan, 1946 - 2008

Boston-area Filk Hall of Fame member Lois Mangan, wife of Paul, has died. No other details available, but the source is persis , so I'm taking it as fact. Anyone who can offer more information, or wishes to share memories of her, is invited to post here.

Given her earlier illness, it's not totally shocking, but very sad all the same. I remember her leading the NESFA Hymnal filksings at Arisia a few years back, and seeing her online and at cons. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with the Mangan family, as they are with the Cooke family following mrpsyklops ' announcement yesterday of the passing of his mother-in-law. Between these and poor Greg M.'s death in January, not a good year so far for our community.

ADDENDUM, 10:17p: persis  has updated her journal with some more information about Lois and a mailing address to send cards or other messages of condolence to the family.

ADDENDUM, 5/11, 12:53p: Lois' husband Paul (annonynous) has posted to filk some more information about his wife's passing. Cause of death was apparently an unexpected complication of her Parkinson's disease. She will be cremated per her wishes, so no funeral will be held, but a "celebration of her life" will be arranged at some near future date.


Baruch Atah, Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech ha-olam, Dayan he-Emet.
*hugs you tightly* I can't even describe how much I will miss her.
This stinks!

May G-D comfort her family as He does all mourners in Zion and Jerusalem.


l tell you.Thanks!

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